How to Sell a Horse

Sell Your Horse

Once you have finally said to yourself, it is time to “sell my horse”, you need to start doing some homework to be able to move the process along as quickly as possible.

As difficult as it may be you need to come up with a price that you are willing to sell your horse for and a few ideas on how to market your horse for sale.  When determining your horse’s sale price, you need to give careful consideration to your horse’s experience/training, age, competition record, and any medical issues your horse may or may not have.

If you haven’t done so already, you should put together some photographs that accurately and attractively portray your horse.  For example, if your horse is a jumper, you may want to finds some pictures of your horse jumping a high fence with good form.  If you horse is a hunter, you should try to find a photo that accentuates your horse’s equitation, such as pointed toes.  The photos are important, as often that is what will draw a potential buyer to your horse first.

Next, make a list of all of the things a potential buyer will want to know.

  1. Age, sex, height, breed, color
  2. What is your horse trained for? Is it a hunter, jumper, dressage, equitation, all around horse, endurance, etc.. Be sure to list the highest level achieved in each specialty or discipline.
  3. Who is this horse best suited for?  All riders, green riders, children, advanced riders, amateurs, professionals.  Does your horse take a strong leg, that would rule out a child?
  4. Does your horse have any special traits or talents?  Bombproof, sound, clips well, easily body shaved, loads easily, won a championship, etc.
  5. Do you have all of your vet records?  It is rare that a potential buy will not want to know your horse’s medical history.  Be honest and forthcoming it will serve you well with your buyer. Everyone know that horses get hurt and horses see vets, it is a fact of life.

Once you have gathered the information it is time to compose your ad.  Good news is, now that you have done your homework above it will be easy.  Be sure to include your asking price.  If you are a motivated sell or willing to negotiate, include “OBO” (or best offer) in your ad, however if your horse is extremely expensive then you may want to list your price as “Private Treaty” or “Serious Inquiries Only” or “Contact for Pricing”.  Finally, don’t forget to let buyers know how to contact you, include a phone number and email address.