Fun Quotes

Fun Quotes
Funny life quotes give you a big smile on your good looking face or bad looking face oh sorry I am joking only smile on your faces. Funny life quotes takes a part of our daily life and they also keep your heart happy. Here are some tips that proves what effect of funny life quotes on your whole body.
Actually, a smiling face, a loving heart, a glowing persona, a life full of laughter and brimming with joy…………….
In short- a healthy body that we all wish to have! Yes you can have one! Your own!! Let us see how?
1- Whenever you pick something to eat, look at what is it giving you- calories or nutrition?
From junk, move towards nutritious.
2- The more natural, the healthier it is. Fruits and vegetables feel very happy when they are washed and eaten raw. Once a week, just be on fruits, vegetables,(raw, boiled, salads, juice) and curd.
3- Say NO to frieds, namkeens, chips and colas. Keep healthy options to snack on; chana; murmur a, roasted/steamed snacks such as dhokla, idly, khandvi, bhelpuri, roasted nuts, soaked almonds almost welcome.
4-breakfast; the most ignored food of the day, should actually be the most important and valued meal.
Never skip breakfast. This will cause you to starve through the day lower your metabolic capacity. Eating a breakfast rich in vitamins is wonderful. This could consist of fruits, mixed vegetable juice/ milk and porridge (high fibre cereals).
5- Remember, no carbohydrates after eight, if you want to lose weight. eat very light dinners. Do not forget to make a soup daily diet ritual for that extra energy and glow.
Now here are some funny life quotes:-
Marriage is an agreement to disagree.
Marriage is an agreement to disagree. It is an acknowledgment of gender difference and their innate emotions. Acknowledging this fact dissolves all the marital problems.
The Secret of happiness

Love is not anticipation from others. Love is something which we give to others. As a parent we give love to our children. Giving love generates happy chemicals in our body. It gives pleasure and satisfaction. The secret of happiness is giving love rather than expecting it.
All the emotional disturbances in a married relationship are results of unrealized ambitions of to be loved, to be respected and fear of abandonment. A fulfilment of these needs by each other sustains the loving marriage relationships. – I load a horse that I have never seen in a trailer before. Had no idea how this was going to turn out. I show the right way that works and I show the wrong way that does not work. I have a few other trailer loading videos posted using my guys. In the video you notice I say I did not know why she jumped, when uploading I saw she stepped on her rope, luckily I have done work with this horse and have let her drag her rope and step on it so she knows how to deal with it. It was still my fault for turning my back and leaving her rope too long so she could lower her head and step on it, this is a good example how things happen with horse and they can get hurt, but if they are trained right or exposed to things right, they can come out OK, even when the stupid human makes the mistake. Here is a link to get a horse to hate Trailer Loading: DON’T TRY AND ORDER ANY SECRET TRAINING TAPES, I WAS KIDDING.

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