Enclosed Trailers – How to Customize For Your Use

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Enclosed Trailers – How to Customize For Your Use

Article by Rick McKeithan

Enclosed trailers are used for a number of purposes, ranging from large and small business to hobbies and recreational use. People and companies have diverse needs for enclosed trailers. Contractors will use them for safe and secure equipment storage and transport. Race car or vintage car owners will use them for transporting their valuable property all over the country. Bike owners will use them to get their motorcycles to rides, rallies or other events. Enclosed trailers can even be customized with full living quarters, cabinetry, bathroom and showers.

Customizing an enclosed trailer to suit your specific needs is the best way to utilize the space and get the most out of your cargo trailer. Here are some ideas on how you can customize your trailer depending on how you plan to use it:

Car Hauler Trailer – first you’ll want to choose the right size trailer, at least 8.5 feet in width and 16 feet long but you can go up to 53 in length. You can also choose ball hitch, gooseneck, or fifth wheel hitch. You’ll want a heavy duty ramp door and interior flooring. You may choose e-track for the floor and/or wall, floor mount and/or wall mount D-rings, fold down stabilizer jacks, interior lighting, and custom cabinetry. You can even spice it up with a checkered tile floor and white vinyl walls.

Motorcycle Trailers – here, too, you’ll want to choose the right size trailer. 7′x14′ V-nose tandem axle is a popular size for toy haulers. You should even be able to haul 2 bikes in a staggered layout with this size. Bike owners often choose wheel chocks to keep the bikes in place. You’ll want to get the ramp door for easy loading and there are options for custom cabinetry and living quarters.

Equipment Trailers – contractors and moving companies will choose enclosed cargo trailers for safe and secure storage and transport of their equipment and valuable goods. The size of the enclosed trailer really depends on the projected size of the jobs and equipment needed. A contractor may do well with an 12-16 foot long trailer. A moving company will likely need a range of sizes from 12 feet to 38 feet. Trailers can be customized with floor and wall mount D-Rings, shelving, cabinets, lighting, electrical packages, side entry doors, steps, ramps, and more.

Horse and Stock Trailers – these trailers are often designed specifically for use with transporting large animals so they will come with windows, a tack room, head and shoulder dividers, floor mats, feed doors, interior lighting, vents, and more. There are options for 2,3, or 4 horse trailers.

Identifying your projected use for an enclosed trailer is the first step in determining what kind of customizations will work best. Sizing, axles, interior and exterior modifications, electrical, structural changes, living quarters packages – almost anything is possible in terms of customizing an enclosed trailer to meet exact owner specifications. Be sure to find a trailer dealer or manufacturer who can accommodate any add-ons or accessories you want.

Rick McKeithan is owner of TrailerShowroom.com, an online store for cargo trailers and enclosed trailers, all custom manufactured from hundreds of sizes and options to each specific order and sold at discount prices. Learn more at http://www.TrailerShowroom.com or call 877-45-TRAILER.

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