Choosing a Horse Insurance Policy

Choosing a Horse Insurance Policy

Article by Claire Jarrett

Horse insurance is usually taken to cover oneself getting injured while riding a horse, cover oneself from claims made by a third party due to any accidents caused by the horse, medical cover for treating horses, the death of the horse and also cover for a permanent loss of use. This last clause is an important aspect as if the horse becomes incapacitated due to an accident the owner of a horse that has been used for various commercial purposes will not be able to use it for those purposes in the future. The other important cover horse insurance includes is the cover for theft of the horse, and even damages caused to the horse trailer. These are some of the coverage options that are available when an owner takes out an insurance policy on a horse or a group of horses. In the case of trailer insurance, the insurance provider will determine the condition of the trailer separately from the horse and calculate the premium for the trailer coverage. The horse owner should be very careful when signing up with an insurance provider. There are various sub-clauses in every policy and the owner must read all the clauses. For death insurance, some insurance providers add a clause stating that death coverage is only applicable when the horse dies at the place where it is taken care of. When the horse is transported by train or ship to some other place for a show or a competition and the horse dies during transit, the owner will not be able to claim for the death of the horse. Also the horse owner has to be very careful to read the clauses and sub clauses regarding personal injury coverage. The provider may only cover medical expenses or it may also cover the loss of income in the future if the person is not be able to work due to the accident. When the owner chooses horse insurance, the owner may plan to cover the horse and its related accessories such as the saddle and also insurance coverage against accidents and injuries. The additional costs of coverage for these more minor problems is usually minimal, and when purchased together as a package they may be the best bet for your horse insurance. On the other hand, some policy providers will throw in all of these extras to increase the price of the policy, so choose a policy which offers the best bang for your buck.

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